Dr. Mark Bieler

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PTB | Division 2 Electricity
Head of Working Group 2.54 | Terahertz-Optics
+49 (0) 531 592 2540
mark [dot] bieler [at] ptb [dot] de

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The Working Group Terahertz-Optics focuses on the development of time-resolved optoelectronic measurement techniques for the characterization of high-frequency electronic devices in the sub-THz and THz frequency range. In these techniques ultrashort voltage pulses that possess very high frequency components are used as test signals. Based on optoelectronic measurements, the Terahertz-Optics group offers a calibration service for the rise time of sampling oscilloscopes with a nominal bandwidth of up to 70 GHz. Furthermore the group investigates techniques that allow for the generation of purely optically generated current pulses. Such new methods might prove useful for the characterization of electrical high-frequency components.