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TU Braunschweig | Dept. 5 Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Physics
Institut für Elektrische Messtechnik und Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik
+49(0)531 391 3866
m [dot] schilling [at] tu-braunschweig [dot] de
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Meinhard Schilling was appointed full professor in the department of electrical engineering at the university in Braunschweig in 2001, where he heads the "Institut für Elektrische Messtechnik und Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik" today. The institute investigates the materials aspects for new sensors and develops the necessary technology. For these purposes a new integrated microproduction center (laser-MBE for multilayer deposition, lateral patterning down to 20nm, plasma processing, back-end) was set up. The sensors are integrated in systems built in the institute and are employed in many collaborations with the industry. He has long experience in the area of magnetic field sensors and applications. One of the most promising low-noise sensor principles is the fluxgate magnetometer and the lowest noise of such a sensor up to now was presented at the institute. Another focus lies on biomedical and biochemical applications, which are implemented together with hospitals and industry.

The lectures and practical courses on biomedical engineering at the TU Braunschweig are held by Meinhard Schilling together with collegues from the institute, from industry and from hospitals. Teaching experience covers lectures in solid state physics, electrical engineering, metrology and biomedical engineering. He organized several topical conferences and professional trainings.

Meinhard Schilling is chairman of the Braunschweig International Graduate School of Metrology.