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The scientific work of Fritz Riehle in X-ray and solid state physics (Karlsruhe), radiometry (Berlin), length metrology and optics, optical clocks and frequency standards as well as atom interferometry (Braunschweig) led to more than 100 original papers and one book. He received the 1987 Helmholtz award (together with Prof. B. Wende) for the work "Ein Elektronenspeicherring als primäres Normal für die Radiometrie vom Infraroten bis ins weiche Röntgengebiet" and the 1999 Helmholtz award (together with Dr. H. Schnatz, Dipl.-Phys. T. Trebst, Dr. J. Helmcke) for the work "Atominterferometrie im Zeitbereich für Präzisionsmessungen". In 2000, Fritz Riehle received a call for a C4 professorship for experimental physics (Erlangen) which he did not accept.

Fritz Riehle has long experience in teaching physics to medical-technical assistants (Karlsruhe, 1977–1979) and to students in physics (Karlsruhe, 1977–1982, Konstanz 1992–1998, Hannover 1996, Braunschweig 1999–2000). Teaching courses included beginner courses in physics but also courses for graduate students on laser spectroscopy, frequency standards, modern methods for the implementation of units, or technical optics.

Fritz Riehle is member of the consultative committee of length and the consultative committee of time and frequency of the Comité International des Poids et Mesures (CIPM).