Summer School 2018

"Fundamental Constants and the New SI" from 8-10 August in Kloster Drübeck

In 2019, the kilogram will get more accurate. It is one of seven base units of the International Units System (SI) and the only one still defined by an artefact. The new definition will be based on a fundamental constant and, thus, close the gap between the kilogram and the other base units (second, Ampere, meter, candela, mole, Kelvin).

The 2018 B-IGSM summer school takes this as an opportunity to invite leading experts for its summer school and take a closer look at some of the base units and fundamental constants in general. It will take place from 8-10 August and deal with "Fundamental Constants and the New SI".

Registration is open until 1 June. All B-IGSM members and other interested PhD students are invited to take part.

Invited speakers:

Michael de Podesta, NPL
Giovanni Mana, INRIM
Eckehard Peik, PTB
Andrey Surzhykov, PTB
Hans Werner Schumacher, PTB