Metrological Summer School 2019: Prospects of Quantum Metrology

From 5 to 8 August, B-IGSM is again organizing a summer school in Kloster Drübeck and cordially invites all interested researchers to take part.

Confirmed speakers will be:

Dr. Stefan Danilishin (LUH):
Gravitational Waves Detection

Dr. Blaise Jeanneret (METAS):
Josephson Standards

Dr. Christian Lisdat (PTB):
Optical Clocks for Gravitational Potential Measurements

Prof. Gavin O’Connor (PTB):
Biochemical Metrology

Prof. Uta Schlickum/Dr. Markus Etzkorn (TU BS):
High-precision Tunneling Spectroscopy and Single Molecules

Philipp Treutlein (Uni Basel):
Quantum metrology with cold atoms

Prof. Alexander Tzalenchuk (NPL):
Quantum Hall Effect and Resistance metrology

(A detailed schedule will follow.)
Please use the pdf form to register and send it to:
j [dot] krakowski [at] tu-braunschweig [dot] de

For questions please also contact Judith Krakowski, coordinator of B-IGSM:
j [dot] krakowski [at] tu-braunschweig [dot] de