Summer School of Metrology 2008

1 – 4 September, 2008

The Summer School 2008 took place at the Hotel Kaiserworth in Goslar, a quaint little town in the Harz mountains some kilometres south of Braunschweig. Goslar's history dates back more than 1000 years, so there are not just scenic mountains and half-timber houses, but also buildings like an ancient palace used by the German emperors in the Middle Ages. A guided sightseeing programme was offered one afternoon.

There were presentations focussing on interesting metrology topics, with ample time for discussions in coffee breaks, at meals or in the Student Poster Sessions. Thanks to the Management Board members, it was possible to arrange an extensive and interesting programme with outstanding experts from science and practice of metrology.

Nobel Prize winner Prof. Klaus von Klitzing, member of the International Advisory Board, could arouse enthusiasm with his presentation on the »Quantum Hall Effect«, so some of the students immediately asked him to present a second part on »Modern Physics«.

The participants took the opportunity to discuss all presentations afterwards in detail. The first part of the Student Exercises offered the opportunity to work on questions of understanding in small teams. The results were presented in the second part of the Student Exercises.

The Student Poster Session provided the students with information about what their fellow students focus on in work and research.

Most of the fifteen speakers stayed for two or more days, so the participants had the opportunity to get into contact with them.