There are good reasons to work on a PhD thesis at TU Braunschweig or PTB: challenging topics at the forefront of scientific knowledge, more applied projects aimed at solving problems vital to improving quality of life, trade competitiveness and environmental protection, a unique scientific and technological infrastructure, and further education and training opportunities.

For enrollment at B-IGSM you should have a Master’s or equivalent degree in physics, chemistry, electrical or mechanical engineering, mathematics, information science or other related fields. Furthermore, you should have a PhD position at TU Braunschweig or PTB.

You don’t have a PhD position either at TU Braunschweig or PTB yet? Please have a look at TU Braunschweig and PTB’s webpages for open PhD positions.

Your application should include

  • your CV
  • digital copies of your diplomas
  • a letter of motivation including your expectations regarding B-IGSM and metrology
  • Applicants for B-IGSM scholarships, please go to Open Positions