About us

Metrology – the science of correct measurement – is an essential cornerstone of our industrialized society which is based on the division of labour. Metrology has an impact on practically every aspect of our lives, and metrological progress is a key enabler for technical development and, thus, for innovation. Given the prevailing economic and social challenges we are faced with, the role and the further development of metrology is of extraordinary importance for progress in technology and science.

Over ten years, in 2007, Germany’s oldest and renowned technical university Technische Universität Braunschweig and one of the top measurement institutions in the world, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), joined forces to establish an international metrological training centre – the Braunschweig International Graduate School of Metrology (B-IGSM) to foster metrological knowledge in all areas of science and engineering.

Our research fields are in particular Metrology for Society, Industrial Metrology and Fundamentals of Metrology. The research areas of the Graduate School are thus open to students from all scientific areas with a strong link to metrology.

B-IGSM offers a structured doctorate in cutting edge research combined with a metrological qualification program where a metrological certificate can be earned. The graduate school supports its PhD students in acquiring key competences in metrology by offering a curriculum on metrological concepts and research as well as on structures of metrology and regulatory activities.

Studying successfully at B-IGSM will qualify you for both an academic as well as an industrial career. You will be supported with an individually developed career plan and enabled to develop and strengthen key competences for your future professional career.

Trips to important research facilities and partners in industry will offer insight into the possible carreers paths of B-IGSM alumni.