Summer School 2020 - Precision Experiments in Theory and Application

The upcoming summer school will deal with precision experiments and will take place online.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Judith Krakowski:
j [dot] krakowski [at] tu-braunschweig [dot] de

7 to 9 September 2020

Metrological Summer School 2019: Prospects of Quantum Metrology

From 5 to 8 August, B-IGSM is again organizing a summer school in Kloster Drübeck and cordially invites all interested researchers to take part.

Confirmed speakers will be:

Dr. Stefan Danilishin (LUH):
Gravitational Waves Detection

Dr. Blaise Jeanneret (METAS):
Josephson Standards

Dr. Christian Lisdat (PTB):
Optical Clocks for Gravitational Potential Measurements

Prof. Gavin O’Connor (PTB):
Biochemical Metrology

Prof. Uta Schlickum/Dr. Markus Etzkorn (TU BS):
High-precision Tunneling Spectroscopy and Single Molecules

Philipp Treutlein (Uni Basel):
Quantum metrology with cold atoms

Prof. Alexander Tzalenchuk (NPL):
Quantum Hall Effect and Resistance metrology

(A detailed schedule will follow.)
Please use the pdf form to register and send it to:
j [dot] krakowski [at] tu-braunschweig [dot] de

B-IGSM prolonged for another 5 years

Presidents of PTB and TU signed cooperation agreement to extend cooperation until the end of 2023

On 6 November a cooperation agreement between TU Braunschweig and PTB was signed to prolong the Braunschweig International Graduate School of Metrology for 5 years, starting on January 1st, 2019.

We are very happy to continue and are looking forward to the next five years.

In other news: B-IGSM's sister project, focusing on nanometrological topics, DFG Research Training Group 1952 NanoMet, has also been prolonged for another funding period (4.5 years). Congratulations to all who are involved!

Michael Kazda is Braunschweig's new Science Slam Champion

B-IGSM member wins the Golden Brain Award with his talk about Alice and Bob and the atomic clock

Michael Kazda who works in working group 4.4 "Time and Frequency" of PTB, explained the prionciples of highly accurate atomic clocks using the exmple of Alice and her excitement about green light and her reaction to beer.
In preparation, he took part in the 4th Annual B-IGSM Science Slam which he also won.

More info on the Science Slam in Haus der Wissenschaft: here

Michael Kazda during the 4th B-IGSM Science Slam
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