Quantitative mass spectrometry by LC-ESI-IT-MS

Metrology in Life Sciences

Signal strength in mass spectrometry strongly depends on the chemistry and size of analytes and can therefore not simply be used for quantification. In the field of polysaccharide derivatives, e.g. cellulose ethers, the molar composition of complex oligomeric mixtures obtained by partial depolymerization of the polymer, need to be analyzed. Accuracy of quantitative data is of high importance for pattern evaluation of these chemically modified biopolymers.

In Electrospray Ionization (ESI), surface activity and electrophoretic mobility of analytes, solvent and solvation energy, play an important role for relative ion yields of the components of a mixture. In addition, instrumental parameters as skimmer voltages and target mass influence the ion current. Coupling of the MS to Liquid chromatrography (LC) can mitigate effects of competition of analytes, and allow to optimize individual measurement conditions. Aim of the project is to study and quantify the factors of influence. Therefore, defined oligosaccharide derivatives shall be synthesized as model compounds and their behavior be studied.

Keywords: Carbohydrate chemistry, mass spectrometry

TU Braunschweig
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