Micro Coordinate Measuring Machine for Parallel Measurement of Microstructures

Metrological Instrumentation

This project deals with the development of a coordinate measuring machine for parallel tactile probing of microstructures. The particular challenges due to the parallel probing will be discussed and the concluding results regarding the construction, the control and the simulation environment will be outlined.

Microstructures differ from microelectronic devices by a substantial higher aspect ratio and steep slopes. This is a limiting factor for optical measurement methods. For such large aspect ratios tactile measurement is a more promising approach. But for the production of mi-crostructures tactile measurement methods currently only have little importance because they are adapted insufficiently to their specific needs. Microstructures are produced with batch processes with the characteristics that many elements are manufactured simultaneously on the same silicon wafer. This parallelism and the fact that in general there are multiple probing points needed to describe a single feature is in marked contrast to the sequential probing of conventional tactile measurement. This causes a high expenditure of time to measure all ele-ments of a wafer. For this reason usually only spot checks are applied. Therefore it is the ob-jective of the presented project to probe multiple elements at the same time to reduce the overall measurement time.

Braunschweig IGSM
Ph.D. student: