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Foundations of Metrology: Methods of Metrology
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Electrochemical measurements are widely used in research, analytical laboratories and industry. For example, salt content of ocean water (salinity) is measured by conductivity, pH and concentration of electrolytes are important measurands in clinical chemistry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is an important method to characterize the performance of Li-ion battery cells. The presentation will introduce fundamental electrochemical measurement methods with respect to important metrological criteria such as traceability and uncertainty of measurement results. Application of metrological concepts with respect to electrochemical measurement methods will be demonstrated by the example of ocean salinity and the state of health of Li-ion battery cells.

2017/06/22 - 17:15 - 18:45
Institut für Elektrische Messtechnik und Grundlagen der Elektrotechnik
Hans Sommer Str. 66
38106 Braunschweig
5th floor, room 518