Summer School 2018

"Fundamental Constants and the New SI" from 8-10 August in Kloster Drübeck

In 2019, the kilogram will get more accurate. It is one of seven base units of the International Units System (SI) and the only one still defined by an artefact. The new definition will be based on a fundamental constant and, thus, close the gap between the kilogram and the other base units (second, Ampere, meter, candela, mole, Kelvin).

Michael Kazda is Braunschweig's new Science Slam Champion

B-IGSM member wins the Golden Brain Award with his talk about Alice and Bob and the atomic clock

Michael Kazda who works in working group 4.4 "Time and Frequency" of PTB, explained the prionciples of highly accurate atomic clocks using the exmple of Alice and her excitement about green light and her reaction to beer.
In preparation, he took part in the 4th Annual B-IGSM Science Slam which he also won.

More info on the Science Slam in Haus der Wissenschaft: here

Michael Kazda during the 4th B-IGSM Science Slam

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Metrology – the science of correct measurement – is an essential cornerstone of our industrialized society which is based on the division of labour. Metrology has an impact on practically every aspect of our lives, and metrological progress is a key enabler for technical development and, thus, for innovation. Given the prevailing economic and social challenges we are faced with, the role and the further development of metrology is of extraordinary importance for progress in technology and science.

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